Elegy for the American Republic



America was my mother.

She raised me from a pup.

From one breast she nourished me with the story of the Lone Ranger,

who stymied evil doers and helped the underdog.


From the other breast, she gave me the image of Clark Kent,

who could go into a phone booth and come out ready to fight

for truth justice and the “American Way”.


We have come into times that try men’s souls . The country seems

demented. Millions are suffering, more millions just don’t care.


I’ve been photographing America for more than 30 years,

and have been to all of the first 48 states.  These images

are about people and places that have been around, have

taken a few hits, been bashed and battered and bruised...

but are still fighting, still looking for the main

chance, still hopeful somehow. Some turned to love, some

turned to hate, many to despair.


                                                       -- Paul Dagys